"Regulation is not a predestination.

It is a result of a wide public and political process that anyone, person or organization can and should be involved in. With the right professional work, your involvement will also be efficient…"




The Cabinet was founded by Yoel Hasson and Tzach Borovich and it specializes in strategic and regulatory consulting, governmental relations and operational lobbying, held at the state level, primarily at the Knesset and governmental ministries. The company is formed by a skilled and experienced team of consultants and its activity is based on professional working methodologies, uniquely adapted to its clients’ goals and needs. The company’s fields of expertise are meant to enable ethical, professional and efficient management of the inter relations between government and ex-governmental officials (including private business organizations, labor unions and NGOs). Such system is critical for the promotion of public policy and initiatives and for management of processes in fields affected by regulation and in preservation and promotion of interests related to legislation, public debate and governmental and political policy shaping. In its operation, the company is involved directly in numerous legislation processes, policy shaping, public agenda setting etc. All, while using diverse existing professional tools, while keeping constant presence within Knesset hallways and government ministries.


The Team


Tzach Borovich


Prior to the establishment of The Cabinet, Tzach held various positions, including field manager at the National Security Council at the Office of the Prime Minster of Israel, Partner and Manager in one of Israel’s largest lobbying firms, VP Business Development at Beilink (headed by former minister Dr. Yossi Beilin) etc. Tzach serves as lecturer in various academic institutions and organizations, including IDC Herzliya, Columbia Business School, World Zionist Organization etc. Tzach holds an M.A in National security & Diplomacy from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from IDC Herzliya. 

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Yoel Hasson


During his 11 years tenure as Knesset Member, Yoel Hasson held numerous key positions, including: Chairman of the coalition, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, Chairman of the State’s Control Committee, Opposition Whip, President of the World Zionist Congress, Chairman of Betar movement and personal councilor to deceased Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Hasson is considered as a leading legislator and his influence over public sphere in Israel is seen until now. Yoel Hasson holds a B.A. in Government, Diplomacy and Strategy from IDC Herzliya.

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Through the years, Liad is managing both public and professional careers. He served as the First Deputy Mayor of the City of Ramat-Gan and acted as the Chairman of several city's companies. Liad considered as a leading strategic consultant that provided his services to Ministers, MKs, NGO and companies – both locals and global. Liad co-founded the International Zionist movement - "Over the Rainbow" and serves as a Member at the Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency. Liad holds a B.A in Political Science from the Bar Ilan University and M.A in Public and Political Leadership from the Tel Aviv University.  

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Anna Shmilevitch


Anna has joined The Cabinet after serving in several political and parliamentary positions, including political consultant to MKs (including to the Opposition Whip) and government relations manager at the Israeli Farmers Association.

Anna managed many political campaigns, including her own's while running the Kfar Saba's city council at the municipality elections. Anna holds a B.A in Social Science & Political Communication from the Tel Aviv Academic college.


Holds vast experience in politics and media. Served as researched for various news and actuality programs and as research assistant at the political psychology lab of the IDC Herzliya and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Served as an intern for Knesset Member Nitzan Horowitz and managed the activity of the student branch of party at Tel Aviv University, alongside the management of field operation of the party towards the elections to the 20th Knesset. Nitzan holds regulatory and public expertise in planning and construction fields, holds a B.A. in Government, Diplomacy and Strategy from IDC Herzliya and is currently studying for his M.A in Sociology at the Tel Aviv University. 


Adv. Avishag
Shaham Hadad


With more than 15 years of experience, Adv. Shaham Haddad is considered as leading strategic and regulation consultant to companies and NGOs from wide variety of fields. Avishag has joined The Cabinet after serving as the Director of Government Relations of WIZO in which she led major national processes, including the “Experts Report re The Covid19 Crisis” and “The Violence Index”. Prior that, Avishag served as a professional lobbyist and as a professional sector director at the Chamber of Commerce and the Manufactures Association. Adv. Shaham Haddad is a member at the Israeli Bar Association.

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Hila Liberman Shemesh


Hila has experience in the advertising field, where she managed television and film projects. At that time, she worked with the largest advertising agencies in the market and produced the post-production phase of advertisements, promos, documentaries and interactive films in Israel and around the world. During her studies, Hila broadcasted a weekly program on "Kol Hanegev" radio and produced the program "Southern Wind" at Reshet B studios in Be'er Sheva. Hila holds a B.A in Communication from Sapir College and an M.A in Political Communication from Tel Aviv University.

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Gilad A. Weizman Shapira


Gilad is an experienced Regulatory Information and Research expert. Formerly, Gilad worked at Policy Ltd. as the Head of the Research and Information department. He oversaw the client’s informational needs. Previously, Gilad worked at the Szold Institute as Research Coordinator in charge of observational evaluation research for the Taglit-Birthright project. Beforehand, he worked as the Research and Project Assistant for the Graduate Unit at the Mandel School for Educational Leadership. Gilad has an M.A. in Political Science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and a B.A. in Political Science and Linguistics from the Hebrew University.


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